Have you noticed that when you play your favorite songs on your instrument, but you are playing alone, the song just doesn’t sound the way you want?

Then join Jam Tunes to find the backing band of your choice and simply take them home via audio stream.

This is how it’s done:

1. Pick a song from our archive.

For example:


2. Compile your backing band.

Pick your favorite sound recordings from other users, who have previously recorded songs on their instruments and made their copies available to us.

Choose the instruments and musicians you like, combine them in any way you wish, and play them back synchronized with our audio player. If you are a bass player, for example, select Tanja (vocals), Markus (guitar), Lisa (piano), and James (drums) as your back ups. If you prefer more baritone vocals – pick singers Mizi or Kobe instead.

Any instruments you don’t want to use can simply be left out of the backing band.

Pick your singer: 


Pick your guitarist:


Pick your pianist:


Pick your trumpeter:


Pick your bass player: 


Pick your drummer:


3. Grab your instrument or mic and start jamming.

Since Jam Tunes is still under construction, our audio player is not up and running yet. Sorry…

4. Record your sounds and save them on our server

so others can access them and jam to your tunes as well.

5. Use Jam Tunes as a social network platform to exchange and communicate with other musicians.

Create your own profile and show us who you are and what you are capable of.

If you like Markus‘ guitar solo, show him your appreciation with a like.

Ask Mizi if he wants to record your favorite song for you.

Meet Herbi for a live jam in your city.

Ask Jonas and Peter, if they are up for an acoustic version of Thunderstruck.

Compose a virtual band with Tanja, Yannik, and James.

Collect Likes for your sounds and climb up the Jam Tunes Charts.

That’s the Idea behind Jam Tunes so far.

Further programming the website will cost a lot more time and money, and I would love to hear feedback from all of you whether you are as enthusiastic about Jam Tunes as I am.

Below you will find a brief questionnaire. I would really appreciate it if you could spend 2 or 3 minutes letting me know your thoughts on Jam Tunes and whether or not you would use the Jam Tunes website.

And of course, please feel free to forward the link www.jam-tunes.com to all the musicians you know who might like Jam Tunes as well.

Thank you!